Rev Henry Biney
General Overseer

Rev. Dr. Henry Neil Biney is the senior pastor of New Waves Chapel, London United Kingdom. He is also the founder and president of New Waves Charities international. He is an anointed minister and an educationalist.

He holds double honours from a top London university. He is a highly principled and disciplined man who lives by the strength of his convictions and moral integrity.

He is theologically qualified and biblically sound & astute in his delivery. His ministry is characterised by the demonstration of the power of God and the awesome presence if the Holy Spirit with variable prophetic utterances coming to pass. Th mighty had if God is upon him to deliver the oppressed and the sick.

Prophetess Portia Biney is the wife of Pastor Henry Biney, she ministers with an awesome prophetic unction, many lives have been impacted by her

They have three wonderful daughters and a son. Together their radio prophetic prayer network touches lives across Europe and the United States.